Tuesday, November 23, 2004


This is the printscreen of the blog page that i review, interesting, no ???

Monday, November 22, 2004

Blog Review

In order to fulfill my final assignment, I am going to write a review of a blog which was created by a 27 years old female, a graduate student from Atlanta, United States. She names the blog evilsciencechick, as she likes something about evil especially in the Halloween; she has a pet which its pictures also included in her blog. The writer is a science student who interested about computer and has good knowledge about computer, it can be seen in her blog that it is greatly created. After read many of people’s blog, I found so many interesting blogs; they are so unique in the whether on the design, theme, and story, writing style or even the pictures. But I find that this one which I am going to review is so special.

I really impressive by her ability to make the blog became so nice, attractive, colorful, and full of much other information what are related with the blog itself. This blog is about individual experiences and daily activities of the owner. Her writing style is just like descriptive which like storytelling about her daily life activities and sometimes about her surrounding. In my opinion, this blog is organized well, the owner also put some additional information to this blog such as visitors counter, friends list, article links, the person that she admires, guest map and also email. She also divides some of categories to group her friends, like the people who she admires and not admires or the people who she wished to be like them. Links she puts are mostly link to other blogs, but some of it is normal link which refer to normal web pages. From the visual design point of view, she created her own image of icon that makes this page become so creative, the design of this blog, is light brown color for the background, using some anime character. The writer post to the blog everyday, she is very active writing about everything in this blog, this blog seems very important to her. In her user statistic is written that there are about 10 posts per week and until now she has written 294 posts, we can wonder how write active she is.

The first time she posted to the blog was at the end of April 2004 and it continuing until now on. In the first post she explained that she uses everything and do everything from the internet, she called herself “blog virgin”. The interesting side from the writer is that as she does everything with the internet, she also get boyfriend from the internet. She is actually the genetics student majoring in DNA repairs in yeast. Her hobby is cooking that she belief as a good relief better than yoga and other methods. She has some blogs that are also linked other blogs, which contains of her pictures, her friends, her dog. Most of her blog members are her friends, who with her, they also made another blog together. Her posting are also commented by some of her friends who might be involved in the event or story that she wrote and by the visitors of her blog.

I quote some sentences which seems so extreme and cruel but sometimes can be the truth, "guys, if your girlfriend starts buying you clothes, it is NOT because she's just trying to be nice. It is because your old clothes are ugly and/or ill fitting. Throw them away and wear the new stuff. Trust me. That is all."

In the conclusion, those who like to read about someone’s diary which neatly organized and structures, also who want to find about many links, see some picture, learn how to decorate the blog, are suggest to browse this blog, I think there is no reason to feel bore reading this blog as there are so many stories, she also always have new story and for someone who likes cooking it might be good to change experience with her, she also post a recipe in her blog. I think this blog is a must see blog page.

Here is the screen shot of evilsciencechick's blog: click here to view .

The link to her blog:http://evilsciencechick.blogspot.com.


I'm in media center now,
doing my blog.
But something unexpectable happened
when I opened my blog.
The contain changed,
although I did not changed it last night.
Can someone help me????????
Today is the second day of the
second quater
bit surprised of a class that I though will be fulled
but there was only about 20 people in it. ....

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Its all bout today

The weather is getting colder at the end of november, . . .
I just back from my friends birthday party .
I wrote friends,
coz my other friend who also attented that party is having birthday too today.
What a coincidence !!!
Come to someone's birthday part , while having own birthday.
It's a nice party, although cost bit expensive ...
I met with some new friend &
a very very nice teacher that I only know from the name before .

I feel today is better than yesterday .
Although I'm very tired today .
After sleepless on the day before .
I got baito this
early morning .
& the bad thing that I have to walk to reach that in this windy day .
Luckily I arrived safely to that place huehuehue .

There are some memorable things happened today .
My friend drunk in that party :(
Feel sorry for her .
I also just finished my giri-giri homework,
considering the class at 2nd period tomorrow .
Tomorrow will be the first day of the 2nd quarter of this semester .
Hopefully this new quarter is better than the one before .

Friday, November 19, 2004

News of the Days

Today I sleep till late noon, so happy coz I haven't slept this much for such a long time.
I got a nice day today, hehehe

I just browsed in the friendster just like what I used to do, but this time I found my old elementary school friend,
who I dunno still remember me or not, hopefully.....
This is my first time in blog & I sometimes have no idea what to do with this.
Checking many of people blogs but the idea still doesn't come up.
Ganbatte..., ganbatte... (hitorigoto)
I'm hardly write on the diary
It's a bit fun that I can share my story her
I finished chatting with my friend, we had a great chat
Never talk this long with her before ,
but now I think I knew her better.
Sometimes it's so nice when hear bout others story
By the way, I'm writting in sleepy eyes
I got a nice day today. hehehe
I think my today's story end up here
Gotta sleep now, I've wake up early for baito tomorrow
Just wondering how
busy will
the saturday morning be....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Takazaki san

Do they look like MONKICHI?????
I was really happy there, as I like monkey very much
they r so sweet although sometimes abunai hehehe
This is my second times there
Some people think i'm crazy for visit there more than once......

Masha desu...

Fukuyama Masaharu.........SAIKOU !!!!!!!
He is my fave actor & singer since i was in the grade 5 huehehue
can't hardly wait to see his concert next month
He is cool, isn't he???

My day

it was the last day of exam yesterday
actually i felt a bit strange having an exam on weds'day
coz we used to stay at home at that day huhuhuhu
but it was a nice ending haha
then after that i went for baito in the bread house
yesterday, dunno why, but i seem to do so many mistakesssss
i never done such silly mistakes before
but i'm human :P
my collegue was also not so fun
which made me sleepy huuu
i think i need more refeshing
luckily i got 4 days quater breakk
although still have to work in some of those days
hope to go somewhere & have a relaxing time